*whispers unattractively* dragons

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Daddy's blunt little instrument
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Misha, but you were too scared to taste it.

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Cap 2 special effects team: we've worked for months to make the soldier's cybernetic arm look as realistic and incredible as possible. hopefully everyone will appreciate the artistry that's gone into this elegant metal work and hopefully we've paid proper homage to the comics. it's just the right amount of graceful and completely terrifying and it's going to truly look great in the movie
Cap 2 fans: I want to fuck the arm
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they look like twilight posters to me for some reason
Yes hello I did a thing again and these two took me whole day… But I’m still glad I finished them now than never. I’m still learning but they turned out better than I thought :’D

so yeah refs here (x)(x)

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me at school


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hufflepuff/slytherin friendships are the best and most terrifying thing ever because i am positive that if 2 people were to take over the world it would be a slytherin and a hufflepuff

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so i was making a gif of this scene and i saw this screen cap…


look at Steve’s face…

"I greatly regret this decision" 

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#you’re in a coffee shop and you see him

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I like her design… Please don’t hurt me

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